Co-Still – I Don’t Chase Money

Co-Still — I Don't Chase Money
Release date : Dec. 27, 2013
Label : 89 Music / Wicked Entertainment

Chicago is the birthplace to some of the world’s greatest entertainers. The latest artist to be added to the list of the ultra talented is rapper and visionary Co-Still. Hailing from Chicago’s notorious southside Co-Still is no stranger to the violence that plagues the streets. After burning up the streets for many years with his music via mixtapes & shows, he hooked up with his first label Wicked Entertainment to release a national album project backed up by a mix tape. Co-Still has been added to 15 radio stations across the country in rotation for “I Don’t Chase money” the title track of the new album. With heavy support from national & Regional video shows expect to hear a lot about Co-Still, a simple youtube search can bring you up to date. THIS CD WILL BE PACKAGED IN A DIGI-PAK. Wicked Entertainment 20 years in the Game!

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Co-Still – No Comparison – Mixtape

Co-Still — No Comparison - Mixtape
Release date : Dec. 26, 2013
Label : 89 Music / Wicked Entertainment

After releasing numerous mix tapes online Co-Still brings “No Comparison” the No-Dj version of his over 50k downloaded mix tape that accompanies his album. Currently the song featured on this cd “I’m A Opp”(Remix) has over 3.5 Million Views on WorldStarr Hip Hop. and started a fire that no one can stop. This Chicago artist will be at the forefront of music in no time as Chicago is dominating across the board. The CD is supported by 8 music videos to maximize visibility. Co Still is currently on a regional promotional tour and continually building his brand & will be in your town soon. Wicked Entertainment 20 years in the Game!

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Belo Zero (of Do Or Die) – I Plead the 5th – Album

Belo Zero (of Do Or Die) — I Plead the Fifth - Album
Release date : Oct. 22, 2013
Label : Po House / Wicked Entertainment

As a member of the multi-Platinum rap group Do Or Die, they have collectively sold over 3 million records since 1996, The first being “Po Pimp” Featuring Twista & Johnny P. Belo Zero drops his new solo album “I Plead the 5th” after being locked up for 5 years, he has shown he still has what the people want in the Do Or Die brand of music. The Mix-tape version has been downloaded at least 100k times on sites like The first street video called “Rollin’” has gained massive views and has been serviced to national & regional Video shows across the country. The next Video is for “Cum & Go” Feat. Twista & John Blu and has been getting a great response from radio. Belo Zero with his group have signed a new joint venture with Rap-A-lot/RED for the release of the new Do Or Die Album this summer, expect a big push and massive sales of this Solo CD as well. #DoOrDie4Life

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Trust None – Movie Soundtrack

Various Artist - D.A. Smart, Dawreck, Do Or Die, E.C Illa, Psychodrama, Qualo, Snypaz, The legendary Traxster, Third Shift, Tre Sins, Triple Darkness, WhiteFolks — Trust None - Movie Soundtrack MegaMix
Release date : Jan. 01, 2004
Label : World One / Wicked Entertainment
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The Wicked Streets of Chi – The First Episode

Compilation — The Wicked Streets of Chi - The First Episode
Release date : Nov. 09, 1999
Label : Wicked Entertainment

The Wicked Streets of Chi - The First Episode (feat. The Legendary Traxster, Newsense of Psychodrama, Co-Still, Los Marijuanos, D.A. Smart, E.C Illa aka White Folks, mob axshin, Twista, quarta ounce & Qualo) - Various Artists

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