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Co-Still – No Comparison – Mixtape
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Co-Still — No Comparison - Mixtape
Release date : Dec. 26, 2013
Label : 89 Music / Wicked Entertainment
  1. I'm Back
  2. Fu@k You, Pay Me
  3. Lay Down
  4. Get U Hurt
  5. Kush Head
  6. Heart of a Lion
  7. Slow You Roll
  8. Goodfellas
  9. Street Wars
  10. Black Mask & Gloves
  11. War
  12. I Don't Chase Money
  13. Ain't Bout' That Life
  14. I'm a Opp (Remix)
  15. They Ready
  16. Bonus - They Ready


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After releasing numerous mix tapes online Co-Still brings “No Comparison” the No-Dj version of his over 50k downloaded mix tape that accompanies his album. Currently the song featured on this cd “I’m A Opp”(Remix) has over 3.5 Million Views on WorldStarr Hip Hop. and started a fire that no one can stop. This Chicago artist will be at the forefront of music in no time as Chicago is dominating across the board. The CD is supported by 8 music videos to maximize visibility. Co Still is currently on a regional promotional tour and continually building his brand & will be in your town soon. Wicked Entertainment 20 years in the Game!

I’M Back (Official Video)

Ain’t Bout that Life (Official Video)

I’m A Opp (Remix) (Official Video)