Chicago is the birthplace to some of the world’s greatest entertainers. The latest artist to be added to the list of the ultra talented is rapper and visionary Co Still. Hailing from Chicago’s notorious southside  Co Still is no stranger to the violence that plagues the streets. In the late 90’s In the midst of the gang infested, war torn streets of Chicago, Co still found himself inspired to rap after seeing his childhood friends (Verbally Diseased) score a major record deal. After various collaborations while perfecting his craft  he gathered up enough steam to create his first solo effort entitled “Days of New”. With the help of local pioneering producer Kay-Tone(R.I.P) and his Verbally Diseased family “Days of New” was released to the streets and quickly created a buzz.

After his debut release and building his name into a brand that the streets could recognize, Co Still was invited to be a part of a Chicago rap Compilation album named “The Wicked Streets Of Chi” that was being produced by Chicago Indie label Wicked Entertainment. It was this project that he got to showcase his gritty style and raspy flow along side of Chicago rap vets and newcomers alike .

Before long Co Still began to get offers from other Indie labels in Chicago such as Twista’s Speedknot Mobstaz and more. Nothing solid materialized from these offers however it solidified Co Still as a force to be recognized . With a strong buzz and a ample amount of support from the streets Co Still formed 89 music, a collection of talented rappers, videographers and brand ambassadors with him as the cap stone.

In the start of the millenium Co Still and 89 music was in full throttle. He started the “Elite Chicago Allstars” showcase series, highlighting not only himself but also giving a stage to up and coming artist, it was a huge success. In 2010 Co Still collaborated with fellow Chicago artist Hot 2 Def on the run away hit “UP & DOWN”. The song became an instant radio hit and put his name in the mouths of every popular radio and party dj in the city. Taking advantage of the buzz Co Still  made a new alliance with Bo Deal of Wacka Flocka’s Bricksquad Monopoly. This relationship would develop into tour dates and a critically acclaimed mixtape collaboration with Bo Deal entitled “Niggas you Love to Hate”.

Co Still is currently on  a regional promotional tour and continually building his brand. In early 2013 he inked a joint deal with Wicked Entertainment to release new music and video projects. He also has launched blog and created an urban clothing line named Wild Life that features the popular “I HATE RATS” t shirt series. Rapper, C.E.O and visionary Co still says “ I am in Chiraq (Chicago) and with the people around me I don’t see myself going anywhere but to the bank, my aim is to provide for my family and do the right thing with it”

Eight Nine……..!

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I Don’t Chase Money (Official Video)

I Don’t Chase Money (Lyric Video)