Homeless Rapper SoLoW RedLine goes viral with rap in Chicago Subway

Chicago’s subway system better known as the “L” is known for it’s street performers that at one time included R&B titan R. Kelly. A homeless rapper named Solow Redline is the latest to gain national attention with an amazing subway performance that was caught on camera by another Chicago rapper Co-Still. Co-Still was on his way home from a meeting when he captured the video on his camera phone, he posted the video on his facebook page later that night and it instantly became an internet sensation gaining thousand’s of shares and likes with nearly 1.5 millions views overnight. The next morning Co-Still realized that the video had gone viral and posted it  on Youtube (300K) where it gained more views, later that day it reached where the views(400K) and comments continued to build. At this point Co-Still informed his business partner Sleepy Wicked, Executive Director of Wicked Entertainment about the video of the ultra talented homeless rapper. They, Co-Still
and Sleepy decided to use the popularity of the video to raise money for a home for Solow Redline and his family. Immediately a Gofundme campaign was established for donations as well as the official release of Solow Redline’s music thru Wicked Entertainment. The music is now available for download. Shortly after Fox news Chicago featured both Solow Redline and Co-still on the evening news. The video began to get national television recognition and was featured on Good Morning America and was tweeted to the show’s 2.5 million followers. The Steve Harvey show has called showing interest in the story behind the five minute video clip Solow’s non stop flow describing the ups and downs of life with a gripping narration of his unfortunate circumstances. So Far 7.3 Millions views.
Solow Redline shares the same name as the train line he performs on “Redline” and has been doing so for quite sometime. He performs there to make money, however he hasn’t lost hope like he say’s in his rap “ain’t no ladder down here but I’m a keep Climbing”. Co-Still is a well known Chicago rapper and C.E.O of 89Music, he is also an artist on Wicked Entertainment.
Sleepy is Co-Founder of Wicked Entertainment, one of Chicago’s oldest independent labels. Sleepy and Co-Still have combined their efforts to make a difference in the life of Solow Redline. You can donate at and purchase Solow’s album entitled “Started from the bottom” on Itunes & Google Play or directley from the

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